Wednesday, 15 July 2009

I got a jobb

I got offered a jobb yesterday, that i've accepted. It's a different role from before, there are no programing which i'm very exited about as i've been programming since I left uni and I didn't event like then that much.

That is untrue, i like the building part of programing. I like that it has a start and a defined end point. I like that you end up with a "physical result". But I don't like that i'm sitting on my own not talking to people while i'm doing it.

Anyway, I actually planning to some new code release for my page. So I have been doing some coding on my free time again....danger danger...

anyway. I'm both happy, exited and scared. It's the role where they made me do a presentation for the second interview. Doing the presentation of a subject that you know nothing about to a group of people that are speciallists in that area, well it's a bit stressfull. But obviously I went ok. Now I've got a jobb. Starting on Wednesday...

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